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SOMI Trailers WIN 2nd Place with their 34UK / 42EU Pallet 4m High Trailer

A small firm from Scunthorpe has beaten the European giants with the new SOMI trailer which replaces 4 truck journeys by 3. With 85 points out of 100, it came in way ahead of the 90 other finalists.

The SOMI trailer utilizes the space underneath the trailer to carry 8 extra pallets of goods.

Designed in Scunthorpe, with the body building in Hull and steel engineered parts from Sheffield, this is a local success story.

This award for the most innovative solutions is to be given at the IAA ( European Commercial Vehicle Show) in Germany on Friday.

The team at SOMI have spent 9 years developing the trailer and have won an RGF ( Regional growth fund) grant to develop a refrigerated version.

The trailer has great potential in exports as in the EU, USA and ASIA where there are 5+ million trucks they have a height limit of 4m

With assistance from people such as Morrisons doing trials this trailer has the potential to reduce costs, CO2 and traffic by delivering 3 times instead of 4, using the extra capacity.

If a half the UKs deliveries were carried by SOMIs then a line of trucks from Leeds to London could be taken off the roads every day and still deliver all the goods.